CARDONE — the Car sales app in kazakhstan

About project
The main goal of the application is to provide users with all the necessary tools for buying, selling, and trading cars, as well as promoting their services in the automotive maintenance sector.
The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that the user does not browse through ads but instead creates a special filter to search for the desired car. Due to this non-conventional approach, we had to develop a detailed scenario diagram.
Before creating the screen designs, we carefully thought out and developed a detailed structure covering all possible user scenarios. This allowed us to consider all the needs and preferences of users at different stages of using the application.
Over 250 screens have been created
The main screen is divided into three sections: "Buy", "Sell", "Trade".

The "Deals" section is one of the three main modules of the application. It allows users to search for cars to buy, list their own cars for sale or trade by creating announcement cards that function as filters.
The "Buy" listing serves as a filter for searching cars to purchase.
Users can easily create listings at any time.

Creating a listing involves selecting a set of parameters in the filter. For convenience, when creating a listing, users can give their filter a custom name and specify at least one parameter.
To list their car for sale, the user creates a listing on the same screen in the "Sell" section.

Creating a listing involves selecting a set of relevant parameters in the filter. When creating a listing for sale, the user can add photos of their car by uploading them from their device’s gallery.
After posting a listing in the "Sell" section, a button called "Buyers" appears on the listing card. This button leads to a list of listings created by users who have posted advertisements to buy cars with similar parameters.
The "Exchange" listing also functions as a filter for listing one’s car for exchange. Users specify the characteristics of their own car and the car they want to receive in exchange in the filter.

For convenience, users have the option to add a car for exchange from their existing listings in the "Buy" and "Sell" sections.

After receiving a list of search results for their listing in any of the sections, the user can request contact information from the owner of the listing and send them a text message.
The Connect+ feature serves as a way to monetize the application. It allows users to create promotional mailings to reach other users with the goal of advertising their services, selling their car, or finding the desired car.

During the creation of a mailing, the application calculates the estimated number of matching users, enabling users to budget and assess the potential effectiveness of their advertising campaign in advance.
Installment plan is a section in the application where people connect with each other based on pre-filled filters with the aim of entering into a car purchase agreement with installment payments.

Any user can become an installment plan investor and start earning income from their investments, with the assurance of having the cars as collateral for their investments.
Installment plan
The profile screen allows users to manage their account, replenish their balance, enable additional services, customize the application settings, and contact technical support.
Account management and enabling additional functionality