Branding of the pharmaceutical company Advanta

The world is full of surprises, and the winner is the one who does not get lost, but finds opportunities for growth. Our case illustrates how a company benefits from a difficult situation when other companies leave the market.

Competition is always high in the field of medical product suppliers, and there is no place for mediocrity. Only the perfect combination of professionalism, service, flexibility, punctuality and reliable products can ensure success.

The Advanta company strives not just to destroy the usual communication patterns, but to look for new approaches, because traditional methods are no longer enough. Here, the processes are quickly and clearly established, and optimization is systematically improved. Being a supplier of medical products is a responsible mission, where there is no room for mistakes, and impeccable fulfillment of tasks is required.
The company’s logo reflects its image as a reliable partner for consumers. A common point of contact is highlighted in red, which demonstrates joint goals. "Let's grow together and create new solutions at the intersection of technology and life in a mutual dialogue."

The dot in the center of the logo symbolizes the support on which the entire system of the company and its products are built. It can also serve as a metaphor for the heart of the brand or the direction in which the company is moving — in a straight line, steadily and sincerely, adhering to its mission and goals.